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Álvaro de Campos’ poems represent the apotheosis of Pessoan anguish. His poems reflect an existentially anguished seek for meaning.

They ponder the futility of their personal achievements along with the prospective pointlessness of their philosophies, expressing a way of insignificance while in the confront of an enormous universe.

Diante da imensidão de possibilidades proporcionada pela vida moderna, o sujeito parece perdido num manancial de hipóteses. Esse trecho fala da sensação de estarmos diante de muitos caminhos e do sentimento de nos percebermos paralisados com tantas escolhas.

This reflection potential customers them to issue the believability of their own personal goals and ambitions. They query their unique existence, evaluating themselves to inmates within an asylum who have unwavering certainty.

Esse trecho é importante porque fala do estado de espírito do sujeito, da sua autoimagem, da sua autoestima e de como se conhecia tão bem a ponto de evidenciar com tanta precisão as suas falhas de automobileáter e de personalidade.

You will find references to Loss of life, fate, along with the inevitability of everyday living's difficulties and uncertainties. The imagery of "umidade nas paredes e cabelos brancos nos homens" (moisture within the walls and white hair on Guys) implies the passage of time along with the decay that accompanies it.

Um dos poucos momentos otimistas do poema, onde o sujeito esboça alguma alegria, acontece quando ele vê da sua janela uma menininha comendo candies alheia aos problemas existenciais dos adultos.

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Eventually, they find solace inside the act of crafting, In spite of recognizing the irony that their verse may perhaps exist exclusively being an insufficient portrayal of what they might under no circumstances be.

one thing in everyday life. This poem is easily the most well-known that expresses the latter. All Campos poems can appear off as manic-depressive, aggravated, and a sense of worthlessness – this poem embodies everything.

The lyrics continue on to explain the scene within the speaker's window, observing the secret of the constantly bustling street and reflecting within the enigmatic character of existence.

The lyrics take a momentarily lighter tone Using the interlude, encouraging the listener to bask in uncomplicated delivery de tabacaria pleasures like chocolate. Nonetheless, even this momentary respite is quickly dismissed as being the speaker's thoughts return to their interior struggles and emotions of inadequacy.

The juxtaposition of loyalty towards the physical entire world ("Tabacaria") and also a perception that everything is really a dream highlights their inner conflict amongst fact and illusion.

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The music serves as a reflection on the limitations of the human ailment plus the wrestle to find importance within an normally perplexing and transient globe.

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